Deloitte event for WRG - July 2016


The video shows Silvia using here LED hoops but when working in daylight she works with regular (non LED) Hoops.

We did a WRG event just a few weeks ago for Deloitte at Old Billingsgate in London. Silvia performed her non LED act there. It was filmed by WRG but I don't have a copy.. you might be able to get access to it??

Deloitte photos below.




The video shows 3 members of BMT a touring Acrobatic Dance theatre show that has a few extracts that could work as a stand alone act. There are 6 members of the show and potentially 5 are available.

As you can see they need space but much of what they do can be adapted to work in a smaller space but its likely that some kind of 'enclosure' or their performance monitored at least.

If its of interest we can investigate further.

* The space would be too small for the 'wheel'



Mirror Ball Balance.

This act obviously looks better in a darker environment but still looks ok in daylight although might be a little too 'cabaret' for a trade show stand?