Spiralling and spinning and seemingly weightless, an acrobat suspended beneath a helium balloon explores the uncharted space between street level and rooftops.

Using music, lighting and the location, the Heliosphere creates the illusion of flying. The impossible becomes possible.

On a calm day our aerial dancer can fly out of the sky, steal the sugar lumps from a café-goer’s saucer and swoop from just overhead to twenty metres in a moment... carrying someone’s hat.

At night the Heliosphere becomes a giant colour changing lantern.

First performed in 1998 (for an Acrobat Productions event) since when it has performed in 46 countries around the world, averaging 60 shows per year.


  • UEFA Womens cup final, Helsinki
  • Donbass Arena Opening, Ukraine
  • Shinsegae Festival, Seoul
  • Kleine Fest. Hannover
  • Venice Carnavale
  • Cisco Systems Party, Barcelona
  • Omanoil Party, Muscat
  • Shuiland, Chongquing
  • Wales Rally, Millenium Stadium
  • Xiantiandi Opening, Shanghai
  • Wella Hairdresser Awards, Lisbon
  • BBC Xmas i-dent
  • World Youth Games, Pune
  • Indian Cricket League Opening, Hyderabad
  • Amwaj Islands Opening, Bahrain
  • Velieffendi Racetrack, Istanbul
  • Bournemouth Airshow
  • Chinawhite Rock the Polo
  • Ann Arbor Top of the Park, Michigan
  • Midland Festival, Michigan
  • Artown Festival, Reno
  • Belgrade Festival
  • Christmas Deluxe, Covent Garden
  • Gaddafi Foundation. Benghazi
  • AFL Grand Final. Melbourne
  • Toyota Launch. Doha
  • Muse Tour, Wembley Stadium
  • Muse Tour, Parc des Princes
  • Arafura Games, Darwin
  • FA Cup Final, Wembley Stadium
  • HSBC Press Launch, Hong Kong
  • Americas Cup Launch, Alicante
  • Grand Lisboa Casino Opening, Macau
  • Cirque du Soleil F1 Launch, Valencia
  • New Year, Burj el Arab, Dubai
  • Mallorca TV Opening, Palma
  • Punawallah Wedding, Pune

Dubai World Cup, 2018


Heliosphere Compilation

Delivering Ceremonial Knife | Marbella August 2014

Pre Show Projections

Heliosphere with Fireworks

Other Flying Objects