The Albany, Bahamas


Robert Rowland


The Albany, Bahamas

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A fun week in the Bahamas putting together a few action sequences for an exclusive James Bond themed 50th Birthday Party celebration.

For the first night we choreographed a storming of a beach party by our 4 x Bond baddies who arrived from the sea riding straight up onto the beach on high powered Jet Skis (FYI on the same beach where Daniel Craig did his Ursula Andres moment walking out of the sea in Casino Royale). This meant being pre set out in the sea drifting with engines off in total darkness for about 30 mins. Pretty scary for the boys but they totally rocked it.

Post event we produced and directed a short action movie (starring our client as Bond) that served as an intro to the post event party video. 


Rehearsal Fun

A feature of our stunt show was a dramatic jet ski chase sequence but no footage is available but we always carry our own cameras and now drone. Here's some fun footage of the pre show rehearsals.. and our boys having a little fun in the sun.

Intro Film

In addition to the live event we also produced, directed, shot and edited a short intro film for the post party video to be sent out to the guests.

We had just 3 hours in the studio and had our Birthday boy play the lead role, who we should point out, had no performance experience. We gave him a little stunt & stage fight coaching and while there'll be no Oscars awarded.. he did remarkably well.