Akzo Nobel Rebrand


Akzo Nobel


Amsterdam, Holland


Global Rebrand

For the global Re-Brand of Dutch chemical giant Akzo Nobel, Acrobat Productions choreographed a spectacular aerial show and devised a unique solution to reveal the new Akzo Nobel logo with limited space and time. For the opening and gala dinner we brought together aerialists from the UK, Finland, Germany and Canada and choreographed an opening sequence on aerial ropes with further aerialists crossing the space “air walking” suspended from twin Kirby Wire flying tracks. 

For the grand logo reveal at the end of the evening we designed a scaffolding structure that floated on a 2 large barges in the Amsterdam harbour. On a given cue, as guests were led out of the harbour front building the structure sailed down the river into place where we choreographed a short but dynamic acrobatic show featuring free runners, gymnasts, aerialists and chinese pole performers that culminated in a spectacular unveiling of the 30m long new logo